Ready to bath in a romantic mood

25.000 Ft

Aqurell is a play of light and colors in a few seconds. Even the greatest artists claim that the watercolor technique is the most difficult of all branches of painting. Why? The value of the paintings is brought to life by the omitted lights and soft glazed surfaces. The artist must have good drawing skills and spatial vision, because a stain is applied only once, if it were to be corrected, its value would be lost, as the image would become lifeless.


25.000 Ft



A festmény bekeretezve kerül Hozzád, amit szobád hangulatához ill?en rendelek meg!

Méret: Képkerettel együtt kb. minimum A4 (29,7 cm x 21 cm) Minden m?alkotás szerz?i jogvédelem alatt áll, és nem értékesíthet? tovább, reprodukálható a ? Vincze Mº Iza el?zetes írásos engedélye nélkül.


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