Soaring Freedom, abstract, 2021

369.000 Ft

I was in contact with the Balaton Gallery and created water-related paintings at their request. When my philosopher husband saw one of the pictures showing a sailboat with a small lifeboat from above, the idea was born that a whole exhibition could be created from it, since the picture showed nothing but a mother with her child. The ship itself is a symbol of freedom, and if we consider its metaphorical use, the range of possibilities is almost endless.

The premiere of this exhibition took place in Tihany in the summer of 2021, the images fit into a specific philosophical concept. Transcendental ideas of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant: Self, World, God. We used this and modified it slightly. These three ideas point to the most important points of reference in our life world. If we exaggerate one of them, our perception of Reality is distorted, so we strive for harmony. Life Story - The first series corresponds to the idea of "I", which is told with a six-picture composition entitled Life Story. The second series is the representation of "The World" as an idea, and within it we focus on society and the occurrence of an unexpected event - with contemporary actuality - its title: Fateful Event. Fateful Event- And all of this is followed by relaxation and relief, if you succeed: soaring freedom...

Life story and destiny are the central concepts of one of the greatest Hungarian philosophers, László Tengelyi, and we would like to pay tribute to his memory with these two series of pictures - not to mention, the starting point of his philosophical work was also Kant.


369.000 Ft



Racionality & emotions in a sensual concept. Original acrylic work painted on 3D canvas.

  Size: 180 cm x 88 cm, provided with a hanger. Possibility of personal collection in Kecskemét, delivery by Magyar Posta or GLS. All works of art are protected by copyright and may not be resold or reproduced without the prior written permission of – Iza Mº Vincze.


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