About me

My painting is an island of peace in your home. Would you like to take a rest?

Iza Mº Vincze

 I have been painting since childhood, in the beginning under the wings of András Bruncsák, and now István Szappanos is guiding me into the mysteries of art. They are both very famoust artists in Hungary. My first art camp experience is linked to Lake Balaton – my journey has started in Tihany-Sajkod, and my covenant with water as my ancestral soul was fulfilled in Zebegény.

 After my university years in visual arts education, I applied the lessons of my experiences and the struggle to survive as a female artist became important. The latter is reflected in the female Laokoon, which represents also the struggle as a mother. Frida, as a flame of perseverance, leads me when I`m overwhelmed and my brain shuts down. I go higher and higher for a solution, and finally the blossoming inner world, the feminine source of strength, brings my desired balance.

I returned to painting as a means of expression after the birth of my first child, I would say: to home. I have been learning from my masters ever since to give you the highest possible quality.

„Art for her is life, breath, water and earth: Everything the viewer expects to see – and as because you can see it, it was painted.” dr. A.M.

My vision: From my point of view today's art scene is characterised by a strong and abstract imagery, often lacking the concept of beauty. My mission is to bring back this beauty by communicating current problems and phenomena through the female body.

 „The artist rebels against the violent environmental transformation of the time, shifting the focus to the plane of inner feelings, opening the way to both subjective and objective possibilities of purification. She invites the viewer into a discourse with unconcealed honesty: an inner journey that is the key to shaping the world we all share. Her painting offers an inside-out response to contemporary problems.” Dr. Andor Müller (philosopher)

Exhibitions, Certificates, Awards

 2021 Soaring freedom exhibition, Kecskemét
2021 Soaring freedom exhibition, Tihany
2018 Bartók Béla Boulevard, mixed art exhibition, Budapest
2018 „Be yourself” mixed art exhibition, Kiskunmajsa
2016-2017 „It`s great to be a woman”, Conference exhibition, Kecskemét
2017 „Mother-company of the year” special award, Budapest
2017 Fashion Morning 2.0 exhibition, Kecskemét
2016-2017 „It`s great to be a woman”, Conference exhibition, Kecskemét
2016-2017 „Tree of life” exhibition, Süttő
2016 „Tree of life” exhibition, Tiszakécske
2016 „Vision of Tata” permanent exhibition, Tata
2015 „Bubbles” exhibition, Kecskemét
2015 „Tree of life” exhibition Ghymes-Fest, Szent-György Montain
2015 „Mother magic” Artist of the month, Kecskemét
2008 „Body and nude” exhibition, Kecskemét
2005 József Attila typographical exhibition, Békéscsaba
2005 Wunderlich wine label competition, I. price, Budapest
2004 Iváncsics wine label competition, special award, Sopron
2004 Gazdabolt logo - emblema.hu
2002 Agfa Young Creatives Contest – gold medal / world competiton


 2018 Theta Healing Advanced DNA
2016 Business- and Management coach
2001-2006 University of West-Hungary, Institute of Applied Arts – designer
1998-2001 Free School of Fine Arts, Kecskemét
1997-2001 Kodály School, Kecskemét

Professional experience

 2014- Freelancer Graphic designer
Prezimaster – Prezi designer
2007-2014 Focus Creative Ltd. – Packaging- and Graphic designer
(L’Oréal Telescopic Explosion minidisplay – Lollipop awards shortlist 2009, Budapest)
2006-2007 Coexis – Fashion Graphic designer
2004-2006 Vincent Design Ltd. – Illustrator


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